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"Texas is a state of culture, where music, art, and literature thrive." - Willie Nelson

Texas painter, Diane Goforth Bray, finds personality in the animal subjects that are sometimes highlighted by an intense black background. The artist was raised on a 30 acre farm within the city limits of Dallas. She finds images from both nature and the merging of city life. Bray spends time in her studio in Kyle, Texas creating still life wine art, animal portraits and landscapes. Her expressionistic portraits vary from the realistic to the whimsical.


Bray, who holds master and bachelor degrees from Texas A & M University in Corpus Christi, is a retired high school art teacher who draws directly on the canvas before applying paint. Her ability to draw accurately and use light and value to make objects appear three-dimensional is joined by a sense of movement.  "My approach to painting is constantly changing as I grow and find new direction as an artist. I am always seeking new adventures, and this curiosity of life finds itself onto my canvas."

Bray was most recently represented by Crucis Art Bronze Gallery & Foundry, Ruidoso, New Mexico and currently exhibits at various fine art venues in the Southwest.

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